Turn your calendar into a beautiful website.

Effortlessly keep your team, fans, or customers in the loop.

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Set it and forget it.

Maintain your website simply by updating your calendar.

Always up-to-date

When last-minute changes happen, take comfort knowing that your attendees have the latest info.

Intelligently Adapts

Whether you have one big event, or several events a day, Upcoming chooses the layout that works best.

Visualize on a Map

When Upcoming detects that your events are in various locations, it will display a map. Great for speakers and performers.

No Registration Required

All you need is the calendar app that's already on your phone.

How it works

Configure once and get on with your planning


Connect your calendar

Don't have one? Use the default calendar app on your phone.


Select your theme

Match the look and feel of your existing brand. Coming soon!


Share your link

Connect your site to a .com name, or use an Upcoming subdomain.


Keep it updated

Simply update your calendar as you normally would, and your website will update automatically.

Get notified of new features.

Upcoming is live now, and there's more to come.

Hi, I'm Stan.

  • I've been working on calendar integrations for the past year as part of my side project, NOLA.Today
  • I have extensive experience in the tech industry. I am passionate about delivering lovable experiences.
  • I'm available to chat about your needs and how Upcoming might be part of the solution.