MAX Fourth District

September 26, 2023 • 2pm – 3pm CT

Contact Information: Fourth District Station 2405 Sanctuary Dr. New Orleans, LA 70114 (504) 658-6040

MAX meetings, led by the senior leadership in each NOPD district, provide a synopsis of police activity for the week, including trends in crime and crime reduction strategies that are being implemented. These meetings also include a discussion on all other topics for which that District has responsibility. The data supporting these MAX meetings is available online to improve transparency and accountability.

MAX meetings are held once a week in each district and are open to the public. 

This meeting is open to cancellation due to holidays, special events or other circumstances. Any cancellations will be announced as early in advance of the meeting as possible through subscriber email and district Facebook page.

Fourth District Station, 2405 Sanctuary Dr., New Orleans, LA 70114

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